AI Powered Expense Management
February 20

AI Powered Expense Management


Part of growing and maintaining a sustainable business is carefully managing your expenses. Like many business owners, you may not have the time or resources to follow-up on all your expenses manually and dig into the reports trying to figure out where your money is going.

Introducing fully automated expense management for all business and business pro plans. 🎉

Our AI powered technology eliminates tedious manual data entry by automating the extraction of key information from receipts and invoices in seconds. The cutting edge technology is powered by deep learning algorithms that accurately identify and extract key elements such as vendor name, date of purchase, payment method, total amount spent and more. This helps users keep an accurate record of their expenses for tax filing or budgeting purposes without having to manually enter details for each transaction.

Through this automation we are now providing an unparalleled level of detail and transparency for tracking and managing your business expenses. The ability to drill down into particular expenses based on supplier or category are invaluable to gain key insights into your spending habits.

Productivity tip:

Expenses can be uploaded through our web application, mobile app and email and are automatically synced with your accountant

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