Easy invoice payments with QR codes
April 16

Easy invoice payments with QR codes


Get paid 3x faster then usual with payment QR codes

What is a QR code?

A QR-code is nothing more than an advanced barcode. The abbreviation QR stands for 'Quick Response' code.

As the name already suggests, the QR-code offers a solution to quickly share information with something or someone.

At Bizzey we use these QR codes to provide your customers with an easy scan to pay feature. You can activate the QR-code integration in Bizzey at no additional cost. When enabled Bizzey automatically generates a unique QR-code with every invoice you create.


When the customer receives his invoice, they scan the QR-code with their banking app and make the payment without going through the tedious steps of entering all the payment methods manually.

Research shows that invoices with a QR code are paid up to 3x faster. The customer is more willing to pay the invoice faster because the payment details no longer have to be entered manually.


Activate our free integration and get paid up to 3x faster by providing customers with an easy and secure payment of your invoices.

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