What are proforma invoices
September 18

What are proforma invoices


If you're involved in international trade or provide goods or services to customers abroad, you're probably familiar with the term "proforma invoice." But what exactly is a proforma invoice, and why is it important? In this blog post, we'll delve into proforma invoices, their purpose, and how they can be used in various situations.

What is a proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice is a preliminary invoice issued before the actual delivery of goods or services. It's not a legally binding document and differs from a final invoice. Instead, it serves as an estimate of the costs to be charged to the customer. Proforma invoices are often used in international trade transactions to give potential customers an insight into expected costs before they place a final order.

Why Is a proforma Invoice Important?

  • Transparency: Proforma invoices provide transparency to both the seller and the buyer. They allow the buyer to understand the costs and specifications of the purchase before committing to a transaction.

  • Customs Declarations: In many countries, a proforma invoice is required when filing customs declarations for imported goods. The document helps customs authorities determine the value of imported goods for tax and tariff purposes.

  • Financial Planning: For sellers, a proforma invoice provides the opportunity to map out expected revenue and expenses of a transaction before goods are actually delivered. This aids in financial planning and cash flow management.

  • Customer Relations: Providing a clear proforma invoice demonstrates professionalism and can build trust with customers. It also prevents surprises and disputes after the transaction.

What Should Be Included in a proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice should include the following information:

  • Seller Information: Name, address, and contact details of the seller.
  • Buyer Information: Name, address, and contact details of the buyer.
  • Invoice Date: The date on which the proforma invoice is issued.
  • Description of Goods or Services: A detailed description of the goods or services provided, including quantities and prices.
  • Total Amount: The total amount to be charged to the buyer.
  • Payment Terms: Payment terms, such as payment due date and accepted payment methods.
  • Validity Period: The period during which the proforma invoice is valid.


A proforma invoice is a valuable tool in international trade and other business transactions. It provides clarity and transparency to both sellers and buyers, streamlines financial processes, and builds trust between business partners. It's essential to ensure that proforma invoices are prepared correctly and comprehensively to avoid potential issues.

If you regularly work with proforma invoices, it's advisable to use a tool like Bizzey to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and the proper preparation of your invoices.

Do you have any questions about proforma invoices or want to learn more about how they can be applied in your business situation? Feel free to contact us for more information and guidance.

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